Diabetes and sport

  How do movements affect by people with out diabetes
  How do movements affect by people with diabetes
  Kind, duration and intensity of movements
  Can the blood sugar raise through movements?
  That´s the best way to prepare:
  Activities before, during and after the muscle work
  Activities before muscle work(CT)
  Activities during muscle work(CT)
  Activities after muscle work(CT)
  Activities before muscle work(ICT) 1
  Activities before muscle work(ICT) 2
  Activities during muscle work(ICT)
  Activities after muscle work(ICT)
  Insulinpumptherapy (CSII)
  Insulinpumptherapy (CSII)
  Insulinpumptherapy (CSII) 1
  Insulinpumptherapy (CSII) 2
  Try and mistake
  Muscle refill effect
  Calorie usage per hour at 70kg weight
  Fluid balance
  Favourable sports
  Sports diary
  Advantages of physical activity
  Dangers of sportive activities
  Literature index

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